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An old Chinese philosopher, Mencius said "That he can get the most eminent talents in the world and educate them - this is his third delight". It is known that 'Education' as Chinese character is quoted from the Mencius's statement. ‘敎' (the first character of education in Chinese) means to discipline children and ‘育'(the second character of education in Chinese) means to nourish children. In other words, education means to promote human values by developing human internal and external capabilities and making people mature. Education reflects where we are and where we are going to. Unfortunately, however, our current education system just provides fragmentary knowledge which is only useful for passing exam. If we fails to put education in a right position, we cannot expect a bright future.

The founder of Kyobo Insurance Company, the late Mr. Yongho Shin, thought education had to be a priority because human resource was the only hope for Korea with lack in natural resource. The mission of Kyobo Insurance Company is "Promoting Education for the Korean" and "Forming Capital for the Korean". To him, education is a source for national development and the future of Korea. In 1980, he opened Kyobo Book Store which is the largest book store in the world based on his philosophy on education. He also set up Kyobo Education and Culture Foundation to realize the public value of education in 1997. He made them to raise competent Koreans which is one of the main purposes of education. He considered education to raise elites as a shortcut to achieve the development of the country.

He emphasized "learning while working and working while learning" His philosophy on education like thin has something in common with John Dewey who put daily life, experience and activity in the center of education. To Mr. Yongho Shin, a competent person is not someone who just merely accumulates knowledge but who applied knowledge in real world.

Kyobo Education and Culture Foundation has done its best not only to realize the founder's philosophy on education but also to work for public issues such as environment and welfare since it was established. Recently our foundation decided to focus on education in accordance with its founding ideology and mission, "Realization of Public Value in Education" and changed its name to Koybo Education Foundation reflecting our foremost purpose, "Raising Elites"

Kyobo Education Foundation will heading toward the realization of the essence of education. We expect the elites contribute to make a beautiful community where people share their warmth and humans and nature coexist. Kyobo Education Foundation has five main programs such as scholarship, leadership training, personality education, life education (to teach respect all living things) and Kyobo Award for Education. The programs are advanced and developed based on what we did.

<Kyobo Life Hope-Dasom Scholarship>, which offers benefits to college students from low-income family and child-care institutions. is kept going. This scholarship program will not only provide tuition but personality education and leadership program through camping and mentor program for them.

We need not a leader who goes ahead by himself but who has not only leadership but also followship. Kyobo Eudcation Foundation will scale up <Youth Leadership Camp>, <Supporting Education Program for Teachers> and <College Student Reporters Team> to develop youth leadership which contribute to "going together"

<Happy Together Camp> and <Dasom Family Volunteering Project> will be a part of personality education program and focus on developing personal value such as sharing, consideration and communication. As well, we will plan various programs concerning personality education like "Personality Education Symposium" to spread discourse on personality education through this society.

Aa a part of life education program, we will continuously support <Environmental Education Program in School> to raise children who have environmental sensitivity and cherish the value of life. 'Kyobo Environment Grand Award' which has been held for 16 years will be developed into <Kyobo Education Award>. We will find persons who contribute to the personality education, leadership training and life education and award them for their achievement in the field.

I deeply appreciate that you have shown your affection and concern to us. We will not stop doing out best to raise elites who not only are competent and but also have good personality to consider others and other lives. We will prepare our future with strong determination as if we newly establish it again. Please support us as you have done, so that we open a bright future with Kyobo Education Foundation.

Thank you.